Brave Girls’ “Rollin'” Goes Viral 4 Years After It’s Release

All of the girls commented on the sudden love from fans!

A compilation video featuring Brave Girls song “Rollin'” has suddenly been gaining a lot of attention in Korea! In just two days, the video has gained almost 1 million views. This is made more impressive by the fact that “Rollin” was released about four years ago in 2017! Brave Girls’ 2020 comeback “We Ride” has approximately the same amount of views, perhaps even less.

Brave Girls were trending at #5 on Melon‘s popular keyword search.

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They even rose 51 spots on the girl group chart to the 12th rank.

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The video was filled with comments from military men complimenting the girls and praising them for helping them get through enlistment. The members happily left comments on the video.

Hello, this is Brave Girls Minyoung. Since Corona, I haven’t been able to perform as much as before, but I really appreciate the creator who made this video. I want to visit the soldiers of the Armed Forces who always suffer. Thank you very much for every supportive comment. We were tired of frequent member changes and vacancy, but all members are gaining strength with this video! Please listen to Rollin. Thank you!


Hello!! This is Brave Girls Yujeong! They contacted me so I looked closely, and it was us… We really do have a lot of interest… Thank you very much! Last year’s comeback, the comment you gave us “Thank you guys, don’t give up” was impressive, but I didn’t know this many people supported me ^.^ Thank you for making a new beginning.


Hi. This is Yuna from Brave Girls. Thank you so much for the people who posted this and for the interest in the comments. Always be happy!


Eunji even made an Instagram post saying that she was watching the video on repeat!

Even the producer got in on it!

Hi. This is the composer who made Brave Girls’ ‘Rollin’!! Even though it’s late, I hope this song will be known to many people. I hope the Brave Girls friends will have a chance to get back on stage ^.^


The current members recently celebrated their fifth anniversary since debuting with the group! How amazing!

Check out the video below!