Brave Girls’ Yujeong Hilariously Shares How She Hurt Her Vocal Cords While Mimicking Brave Brothers

She’s a total pro at imitating her boss!

Brave GirlsYujeong hilariously attributed her vocal chord damage to her mimicry of the group’s boss, Brave Brothers!

Brave Girls recently sat down for an interview with Kpop Herald, and talked about tons of topics!

Yuna soon revealed that one of Yujeong’s greatest talents is mimicking the way their boss talks!

Yujeong is good at mimicking our boss.


Yujeong then hilariously shared that because she’s shown this particular skill of hers many times, her vocal cords actually began to hurt!

You know, since I’ve been doing this too many times. I hurt my vocal cords. Not from practicing, but from mimicking our boss.


She then revealed that she’s mimicked Brave Brothers so many times, he himself told her to stop it already, while simultaneously delivering a flawless performance of her “Brave Brothers” imitation!

So recently, since I’ve been copying him too much, he finally told me,

“Hey you, stop copying me.”


Watch her talk about this from the 1:16 mark here!