Brave Korean High School Students Save A Person From Drowning

Three 19-year-old high school students in Gangwon Province won humanitarian awards for rescuing a woman from drowning in a cold lake.

Source: YTN

Kim Ji Soo, Seong Joon Yong, and Choi Tae Joon witnessed a woman screaming as she was trapped in a submerging vehicle.

While many people were reluctant to jump into the cold water to save her, they jumped into the lake without any hesitation.

Thanks to their years of training as professional swimmers, they were able to reach the woman safely.

Shortly after they came back to the shore, the vehicle completely disappeared into the water, proving just how critical their timing was.

“Some discouraged us from jumping into the water as the rescue may have put us at risk too.

But we learned survival swimming and life saving skills at school, so we did as we learned.”

— Kim Ji Soo

Netizens around the country praised them for their bravery and heroism.

“I am deeply touched with the Gangwon Physical Education High School students.

The news talks a lot about troubled teens, but most of their generation are still very kindhearted.”

— @shkuk

And the three brave students were highly congratulated for their quick thinking and good deed.

Watch the brave students’ rescue mission below.

Source: YTN