Brazilian TikToker Goes Viral For Becoming The “7th Member” Of IVE

It was so smart!

A TikToker has wowed thousands of people with his cover of a famous IVE song—with a twist!

IVE’s Wonyoung

Hailing from Brazil, Kim Thutu quickly went viral after uploading a video of him dancing to IVE’s “After LIKE” in public. People from all over the world were amazed by his talent and were captivated by his fluid dance moves and on-point facial expressions, especially for someone his age.

But the most amazing part of the entire video was how he timed the choreography to the fireworks going off behind him.

It looked exactly like the same scene from the girl group’s music video.

People who saw the video were floored by his ingenious use of the fireworks. They praised the “cinematography” and joked that he is just like IVE member Wonyoung! He became the seventh member of IVE overnight.

Not only did Kim Thutu’s dance cover stun many people, it also brought them a lot of joy! Luckily, he hasn’t stopped sharing his dance covers with the world. Check out his cover of TXT‘s latest hit “Sugar Rush Ride” below.

Source: Instagram

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