This Bridge Is So Dangerous You Can’t Walk Across It Without A Safety Harness

Chongqing scenic overview opened a bridge across a chasm that visitors can cross at their own risk.

China has built some of the most extreme bridges in the world, but a new bridge at Aotaoji, Chongqing scenic overview is so dangerous that visitors have to wear safety harnesses just to cross.

The bridge was built off the side of a cliff in Chongqing. It sports planks with large gaps ranging from 50 centimeters to 120 centimeters that visitors hop between while strapped in a safety harness to keep them from falling into the chasm below.

The bridge was constructed with help from the Chongqing Amusement Park. The bridge is not in the amusement park itself, but at the Wansheng Mountain Scenic Area, another popular tourist attraction. While crossing the bridge, visitors can see the Yangtze River valley.

Chongqing unveiled the bridge right before the May Day holiday, next to the previous project, the world’s longest glass skywalk.

Check out photos from the bridges below!

Chongqing’s glass skywalk juts out at an impressive 80 meters.The plank bridge is directly to the left of the skywalk.

A giant step for mankind but also a terrifying one. The glass skywalk looms behind as a reminder that visitors could be even further over the valley.

The closer the planks are, the less scary it looks.

The most heart-pounding bridge to cross ever.

Source: Shanghaiist