Brie Larson Proved to Be a True Korean at Heart During Her Recent Visit to Korea for “The Avengers”

She was fed “kimbap” at a night market, sang at a “noraebang”, and even pulled out the Korean “finger heart”.

Actress Brie Larson recently visited Korea with the cast of The Avengers for a fan event, and she seemed to have embraced the Korean culture completely by the looks of what she was up to while she was there.

As soon as she arrived in Korea, Brie Larson uploaded photos of herself at the famous Gwangjang Market trying Korean foods such as kimbap, spicy rice cakes, and Korean sweet and sour chicken.


She not only tried them but she fully loved the new food experience, suggested by her caption, “I love the food in Seoul” and the expression on her face in the photos.

After her epic food adventure, Brie Larson also visited a coin noraebang and sang her heart out which is a very popular leisure activity in Korea.

But that’s not all Brie Larson did to suggest that she might be a true Korean at heart. She was seen pulling out the Korean “finger heart” during multiple occasions, which was capable of stopping any fan’s heart.

Seeing how well Brie Larson embraced a new culture makes her even more lovable than she already was, and it only raises the anticipation for what she’ll bring to Avengers: Endgame, which will be released later this month.

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