Brown Eyed Girls Share Their Confidence In Remake Album

What do you think of their new album?

Brown Eyed Girls made their comeback with a remake album for the first time in four years. They captured the hearts of people who enjoy music through a mix of freshness and familiarity. The group held a commemorative event for the release of their new album RE_vive in Seoul on the afternoon of October 28.

“Wonder Woman” and “Abandoned” were chosen as double title songs. “Wonder Woman” features a funky guitar performance and electronic arrangement, whereas “Abandoned” is a ballad that maximizes a sad and dreamy mood that allows the singing abilities of the members stand out.

Narsha confided, “When recording this song, it was hard to sustain vocals. It’s a song that really pulls vocals. I recall the members all worked hard on it.

The music video for “Wonder Woman”, which was subsequently released, is impressive with the harmony shown between drag queens and the Brown Eyed Girls. Narsha said, “Drag queens have been active in the field of performance and arts. We were grateful to have them appear despite difficulties.

There were many people who couldn’t perform because of scheduling conflicts but they came anyway after listening to the director. They are the de facto heroes of the music video. We are supporting actors and without them, I think the ‘Wonder Woman’ music video couldn’t shine.

Gain said, “If you watch the music video for ‘Wonder Woman’ it can be misunderstood.” She emphasized, “As the title says, it’s the story of a woman who fell in love. Drag queens are an artistic device for giving a strange feeling.”

JeA said, “We’ve been talking about it for two years. I’ve been talking about remake albums for a long time. I feel really alive. New songs are difficult, remakes have pressure for everyone, not just the singer. I didn’t think it was difficult. From choosing a list to arranging it, there were many difficult things.”

Narsha also said, “If you were born in the 2000s, then you don’t know it’s a remake song. This is an album that I made eagerly and was focused on. It is an album I take responsibility for, and I’m not proud, but rather, confident in it.”

Source: kstyle