This Fan Promoted Brown Eyed Girls JeA With Her Whole Body

JeA was touched.

A fan of Brown Eyed GirlsJeA has been receiving attention for her efforts to promote her favorite artist.

On June 20th, the fan shared a photo of the sign she wore on her body to promote JeA.

Translation: “I’m promoting…please listen to JeA’s song…”


The sign said, “Please listen to Brown Eyed Girls JeA’s new song NEWSELF today at 6 pmㅠㅠ.”


The fan had apparently decided to use her whole body to promote JeA’s comeback and it seemed to be quite effective as one passerby noticed the sign and even stated their intention to listen to the song!


Touched by the fan’s efforts, JeA thanked the fan through a Twitter post.

Translation: “I’m touched ㅜㅜ.”


Meanwhile, JeA released her album, NEWSELF, on June 20th as well as her title track, “Dear.Rude” featuring Cheetah. Check out her new track here:

Source: Twitter