Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo Shared That There Was No Chance For Romance After Debuting

Her groupmates have never seen her dating anyone.

On Channel A‘s Eye Contact, Miryo of Brown Eyed Girls exclaimed that there was no chance of having a romance after debuting.

Narsha asked groupmate Miryo, “To be honest, haven’t you been single for the last 39 years, since you were in your mother’s womb?” On the other hand, Miryo was confused and said, “No!

Then Narsha said, “Show me evidence you haven’t been single since you were in the womb!” Miryo replied, “My university contemporaries know because I was part of a CC (campus couple).

Still pushing the topic, Narsha said, “Our members have never seen you in love for fourteen years!” Miryo said, “I think so! Do you know why? Because I lost the chance to be in love after entering this world!

Source: kstyle