Brown Eyed Girls Pen Handwritten Letter To Fans On The 12th Anniversary Of Their Debut

After twelve years together, this group and its fandom still stand strong.

2018 marks the 12th year since Brown Eyed Girls debuted. To celebrate, group’s leader Jea has reached out to the fans in a heartfelt handwritten letter.

With 6 albums and 12 years together, the four members and their loyal fans have bonded in a special way.


In the letter, Jea writes on behalf of all the members of Brown Eyed Girls. She promises to keep going and asks the fans to stay by the group’s side.

“Hello, this is the Brown Eyed Girls.

Fans! It’s been so long. But what is today? Today is the 12th anniversary of Brown Eyed Girls’ debut! Thank you so much for supporting us and showing us so much love over the past 12 years. We wanted to do something special in return, so, as the leader of the group, I, Jea, write this letter on behalf of all the girls.

The youngest member is now 32 years old. Throughout the years we’ve had the good days and not-so-good days, but our fans have stayed on our side no matter what. You have been such a positive support for us and everything you ever said to us meant so much.

Of course, it’s the best when we see you in person on stage. But, as I’m writing this letter, I can’t help but remember all the small things that Brown Eyed Girls and fans went through together. When we would have to leave the stage without saying goodbye, we would be so worried about our fans. We used to look out the windows until we couldn’t see you guys anymore.

You guys made it possible for us to try our best and come this far. It fueled us when you guys would be happy for us and smile at us like we meant the world to you, even about the smallest things we did.

We saw the anniversary advertisement that went up in Samsung station. It truly moved us. Thank you so, so much you guys. We will try everything in our power to make sure your love and support are worthwhile.

We’ve been together so long that we don’t need to say it out loud to know what we’re thinking. But I know it’s hard to wait forever. So, the more we think about how long you have stayed like family to us and supported us, the more we are grateful. Though we met as artists and fans, we are definitely a family that sticks through the thick and thin. Let’s stay this way until the end of time. We’ve been at this for 12 years, we can continue for as long as we want, right? We love you, we love you, we love you!

With love,
Brown Eyed Girls”


It’s clear the members love their fans and their fans love the members. Let’s celebrate the groups’ 12th anniversary with a couple of their most popular bops!


Happy 12th Anniversary, Brown Eyed Girls!


Source: Sports Seoul