Brunei ARMYs Help Save The Earth As They Celebrate BTS’s RM’s Birthday

RM’s power is real!

K-Pop fans like to celebrate their favorite idols’ birthday, and they come in various ways. Some like to host cup sleeve events, some like to give back to charity, some place various birthday ads on subway or bus stations, and other various ways.

For BTS‘s RM‘s birthday, a number of ARMYs from Brunei got together to plant 400 trees in celebration. The event resulted out of their love for both RM and nature.

A sign was put up in the area where they planted the trees. The sign reads “RM Forest,” and contains a short description of the reason behind the forest’s name, and the date when the ARMYs planted the trees.

Lots of other ARMYs from around the world congratulated them for a successful celebration and how they were proud of their fellow fans. Many have also mentioned that RM will surely be happy and proud  of them if he hears about this.