BTOB 4U’s Minhyuk Blessed His Lookalike TXT’s Soobin With The Best Title

Their senior-junior friendship is too precious.

In a recent episode of STATV‘s Idol League, BTOB 4U participated in a fun round of questions that resulted in Minhyuk paying his junior and lookalike TXT‘s Soobin a major compliment.

| @TXT_members/Twitter

Since Minhyuk’s visuals have always ranked among the top since the group’s debut, the show asked if there was a newer idol that could carry on the honor. “You’re one of the most [handsome] K-Pop faces. Who would be next in line for that title?

Even though there are so many idols who’ve debuted lately with handsome visuals, Minhyuk didn’t need much time to choose his successor.

After a mere three seconds, Minhyuk confidently announced, “TXT’s Choi Soobin.” The rest of the BTOB 4U members agreed with the choice. Changsub was the first to say, “They do look alike.

Minhyuk revealed that even his own family couldn’t deny the resemblance, “Even my family says we look similar. I was so shocked.

Minhyuk then sent a video message to Soobin, wishing his visuals remained well and cheering him on in becoming a singer that’ll lead K-Pop into the future.

If Minhyuk had to choose a visual for the next generation, there was no one better than his own lookalike Soobin.

| @TXT_members/Twitter