BTOB’s Changsub Opens Up About The Difficulties BTOB Faced After Their Debut

When BOB debuted, so did many other groups.

BTOB‘s Changsub recently met with one of his fan’s father for an interview with HeyNew‘s YouTube channel. In similar videos for HeyNews, idols have been incredibly moved by their fans’ stories and often open up about their own struggles.

For instance, EXO‘s Suho was shocked that his fan was inspired to quit her job because of him.

EXO became my cause and gave me courage.

— Suho’s fan

Suho | HeyNews/YouTube 

And soloist Yena opened up to her fan’s mother about the time she thought her music career was over before it started.

So I was very serious back then, trying to do my best.

— Yena

Yena | HeyNews/YouTube 

In a similarly touching story, BTOB’s Changsub was moved by his fan’s discussions of her fears of not achieving her dreams as quickly as her friends.

I didn’t get older and thought I was 20 years old, but I’m already 25 years old. Most of my friends have already achieved their dreams and entered a stable job. On the other hand, I’m still working at an unstable part-time job. ‘How long should I only work part-time?’ I feel sorry and upset when I think of my parents. I want to walk slowly [in case] something I want to do comes up, but on the other hand, I’m worried if I can do well, and I often feel shabby.

— Fan’s letter

Changsub and his fan’s father | HeyNews/YouTube 

His fan explains that despite all her struggles, she’s “been comforted a lot by listening to [his] songs.

| HeyNews/YouTube 

Changsub immediately reassures the father, who hadn’t known just how much his daughter was struggling, that it usually takes time for people to achieve their dreams.

I think people who achieved their dreams when they were 25 years old are fast.

— Changsub

| HeyNews/YouTube 

And when his fan’s father asks Changsub what his twenties were like, Changsub explains just how difficult it was to try and pursue his own dreams since he “didn’t make any money” for a while after his debut.

I didn’t make any money until I was 25. I debuted when I was 22.

— Changsub

| HeyNews/YouTube 

The idol explains that BTOB debuted, in 2012, when many other groups were debuting, creating fierce competition in the industry and a narrow window for success.

When I debuted, about 100 teams debuted at the same time.

— Changsub

| HeyNews/YouTube 

Like his fan, he was worried he was following a path that wouldn’t lead to success and wondered if he should do something else.

I thought about that a lot too. ‘Should I keep doing this? Is BTOB doing well? Because I keep failing.’

— Changsub

| HeyNews/YouTube 

Ultimately, Changsub decided that he should keep trying and focus on “music that BTOB likes,” which became the turning point for the group.

I thought that I should do what I want to do, and I said that I would do music that BTOB likes. It went well right after that.

— Changsub

| HeyNews/YouTube 

Because of his own experiences, Changsub encourages his fan to find her passions and pursue them at her own pace.

So I think it would be good to find things that [she] likes and is good at, so it’s okay to go slowly.

— Changsub

| HeyNews/YouTube 

You can watch Changsub’s latest music video, “SURRENDER,” here.

Source: HeyNews