BTOB’s Changsub Reveals How He Was Convinced To Join “Kingdom: Legendary War” At The Last Minute

He originally didn’t want to do it!

During an interview with Arena Homme + Magazine for their August 2021 issue, BTOB reminisced about how they ultimately decided to participate in the competition program Kingdom: Legendary War.

Kingdom: Legendary War Promotional Poster | MNET

When asked about the last time had felt truly upset with each other, Minhyuk brought up the fact that BTOB had almost said no to the show entirely.

Minhyuk: When we almost said no to appearing on “Kingdom: The Legendary War.”

Eunkwang: Oh, thank goodness we ended up going on it then!

Minhyuk: We were worried though, I know. We felt like we had more to lose than win… we’ve been around for years now, so we needed extra courage to say yes to a survival show. But I just really wanted to do it, even if we had all these concerns.

At that point, Changsub shared that he was originally against the idea completely. However, Minhyuk’s eagerness for them to compete was what made him reconsider.

To be honest, I was against it until the very last minute. I changed my mind because I’ve never seen Minhyuk-hyung push for something this desperately before.

— Changsub

Changsub | Arena Homme +

Minhyuk then expressed how appreciative he was for Changsub’s support, with fellow members Eunkwang and Peniel joking that it probably felt more special because he took so long playing “hard to get” until the very end.

Minhyuk: That’s why I picked that moment when the digital interview asked me about the last time I felt moved.

Eunkwang: I guess it felt more moving to you because he had been holding out for so long. I bet he did it on purpose, to make you feel that way.

Peniel: Ah, he played a mean round of hard to get with you.


And it’s safe to say that many people are happy that Changsub ended up agreeing! While older MELODYs got to see even more amazing performances from BTOB, a lot of younger K-Pop fans were thankful that they got the chance to learn more about the group through the show!

What do you think about Changsub’s decision?