BTOB’s Changsub Stopped Getting Tattoos, Here’s Why

After the incident, he never got another tattoo.

On his back, shoulder, and arm, BTOB‘s Changsub has a few tattoos but hasn’t added any more to his collection since. He shared the funny story behind why he stopped getting them altogether.

Changsub’s tattoos. | DREAMING DAYS

On 1theK Originals‘ IDDP, Changsub confirmed his mother was the reason why he no longer gets tattooed and recalled the incident that caused it. Like any other day, he’d returned home and went to sleep but was awakened in the funniest way. Someone was touching his arm.

One day, I went to my house and slept. In the morning, I felt that someone was touching my arm.

— Changsub

The person had been Changsub’s mother. She’d been touching his arm tattoo and showing how disappointed she was. He said, “And it was my mom, stroking me nonstop and went, ‘Sigh…’

The emotion was so strong in that one deep sigh that all the members laughed at the memory, including Changsub himself. After seeing his mom’s reaction, he decided it wasn’t worth it and avoided getting any more.

See Changsub prove he’s considerate of his parents by going without any more permanent ink.