BTOB Discusses Selling Minhyuk’s Iconic Red Underwear As Merch

“I’m ready for the red underpants all the time.” – Minhyuk

During a group dinner on Eunkwang‘s dime, BTOB had an amazing time feasting upon a variety of meat dishes while enjoying each other’s company. While they chatted about their approaching comeback, the topic of conversation eventually shifted onto the scandalous side when Minhyuk brought up the color scheme of their outfits.

Minhyuk: This time it’s ‘Red Point,’ right? The color of the point.

Eunkwang: Good, huh?

Changsub: Wearing red underpants again?

Eunkwang: Red Minhyuk?

Minhyuk: I’m ready for the red underpants all the time.

Changsub: Let’s make it our performance this time. Tearing our pants!

Minhyuk: That’s good, because it’s in season now!

Changsub: In season?! (laughs)

The members’ jokes stem from one of BTOB’s M Countdown appearances that went viral back in 2015, as Minhyuk’s pants had ripped mid-performance and exposed his bright red underwear.

After that, Peniel was immediately struck with inspiration for a genius business plan.

As for goods… Why don’t we sell red underpants?


While hesitant at first, Eunkwang agreed that it would be an interesting take, considering the fact that there are practically zero groups who have tried selling underwear before. Minhyuk then questioned why nobody has actually done it yet!

And this isn’t the first time BTOB has considered selling undergarments. Changsub once suggested that they make their own line consisting of panties, lingerie blouses, and even bikinis!

Would you be interested in buying underwear to support your favorite K-Pop groups?