BTOB’s Minhyuk Revealed When He First Became A Stray Kids Fan— And How It Was A Dream To Be On “Kingdom” With Them

He first discovered them while in the military!

BTOB‘s Minhyuk revealed when and how he became a Stray Kids fan, and how being on Mnet‘s Kingdom with the group was a wish come true.


He first came across Stray Kids while in the military, when their title track “God’s Menu” was released. He recalled being stunned by the group, saying “Wow, what are they? Why are they so good?” He is also a big fan of “Back Door,” a song that BTOB got to cover and perform during Kingdom.

| Mnet

Minhyuk shared that when he found out Stray Kids was going to be a contestant with them on Kingdom, he was ecstatic and hoped to do a song exchange with them. They ended up doing more than a song exchange, even joining forces as the “Mayfly” unit, making him a successful new Stay as he got to perform with Stray Kids’ Bang Chan, Han, and Changbin.

Mayfly rap unit | Mnet

He also kept the paint-splattered shoes from the Mayfly performance, and still wears them!

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