Here Is Why Most Of BTOB Songs Are Pitched Way Too High For An Average Karaoke Night

There is a lot of confidence and trust involved.

BTOB songs are infamous for being extremely high. So fans, who have the vocals to impress, often opt to sing BTOB tracks to showcase their abilities to reach some extreme pitches.


Some of these extremely difficult-to-sing-along bops have been written by the group’s very own Hyunsik and Ilhoon. These two have openly shared their thoughts on why they end up creating songs that are pitched at the tip top.


For one, Hyunsik adds in high-pitched notes in the songs he writes because, being a vocalist himself, he knows how high he can go – and how high his fellow vocalists can reach. Hyunsik has previously shared in an interview that he doesn’t mind adding as many high notes as he wants to his original songs – mainly since if no one else wants those parts, he can take them all. There is a level of assurance in himself and in the members that liberates Hyunsik from limiting the songs to certain vocal ranges.

If there isn’t anyone to cover the high notes, I’ll do it. So it doesn’t matter.

— Hyunsik


As for Ilhoon, he isn’t even in the vocal line. He is the main rapper of the group. When he writes songs, shared Ilhoon, he does not consider too much the pitch of the song because he knows the vocalists in the group will make it work somehow. The vocal range has never been a problem – or a limitation that he has to think about – when he writes the songs for BTOB. Ilhoon has endless trust in the members’ skills!

It’s not be singing it, so it doesn’t matter.

— Ilhoon


And so born were the crazy-high pitched BTOB bops. Packed with talent, brilliant confidence, and strong faith in each other, BTOB members have been creating some of the most beautiful songs in K-Pop!


Check out BTOB’s powerful vocalists blowing up the microphones and our hearts, with this live performance of “Missing You” written and composed by Hyunsik:

Source: THEQOO