BTOB’s Peniel Reveals How He Became Friends With NCT 127’s Johnny

Here’s how the two idols from Chicago became friends.

When BTOB‘s Peniel posted a photo of him and NCT 127‘s Johnny, their friendship took many fans by surprise. Fortunately, Peniel shared how the two idols became friends.

Johnny and Peniel. | @btobpeniel/Instagram

During Peniel’s sit-down for radio show Question Mark, he revealed that his mother knew Johnny long before he did. He said, “My mom was like, ‘There’s a guy named Johnny in NCT,’ that she knows.

His mother pointed out that Peniel already knew Johnny’s family. Peniel added, “And apparently, I’ve been to his mom’s store a couple of times before too?

From there, Peniel took the initiative and reached out. Friendship then blossomed between him and Johnny, delighting NCTzens and Melodys.

I was like, ‘Oh really?!’ And so, yeah. Recently, I got in touch with him and got to know him.

— Peniel

If their families hadn’t known each other, the two might not have ever been friends. Check out Peniel sharing how the friendship between the two Chicago natives began.