BTOB’s Peniel Once Had The Cops Called On Him For This Ridiculous Reason

And to this day, Peniel still doesn’t know who did it!

While most idols have at least one dorm horror story from some point in their careers, BTOB‘s Peniel might just take the cake with how he literally had the cops called on him for quite a ridiculous reason!

Back during the first episode of the GET REAL podcast with DIVE Studios, Peniel along with KARD‘s BM and Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley Choi talked about some of the problems they had when they got their very own apartments.

| DIVE Studios Podcasts/YouTube

After BM mentioned that he was woken up by a neighbor demanding that he turn his TV down at one point, Peniel dropped the bomb on everyone.

Peniel: I got the cops called on me once.

BM: For TV?!

Peniel: No, because my music was too loud I guess?

He then went on to explain what made the whole situation so hilarious. Not only was his music not even that noisy, but Peniel was literally naked when the cops showed up at his door!

The thing is, it wasn’t on that loud… If they came and asked me to turn it down once or something, and then they called the cops, I would’ve been like, ‘Okay.’ But when I’m at home, I’m not wearing anything. And then the doorbell rings at 3:00 in the morning and I was like, ‘Wha- what? Who is it?’ I was so scared!


As soon as he saw the officers in his home security camera, Peniel felt he needed to get at least *some* clothes on as quickly as possible.

Because it’s the police and I feel like I have to open it up fast, I was like, okay, just boxers… Then when I opened it, one of the police was a female, so I went, ‘Oh…. one second…’ like, ‘Oh, hold up!’


After Peniel eventually answered the door fully clothed, he finally found out why they were there.

Police: We got a noise complaint.

Peniel: A noise complaint?

Police: Yeah, your music is too loud…? Oh. It’s… not that loud.

Peniel: What?

Police: Can you just turn it down just in case?

Peniel: Uh… yeah, sure.

We cannot even imagine how strange the entire scenario must have been! But still, let’s be honest – who else would want to turn the music up a *teeny-tiny* bit after that?

You can watch the entire GET REAL podcast episode below: