BTOB Showcase Their Versatility In Mnet’s First Ever “Live Vocals” Relay Dance

Is there anything they can’t do?

It is no secret that BTOB is an extremely diverse and talented group with all the members shining in several different areas. The members of the sub-unit BTOB 4U recently took part in the offline concert KCON:TACT.


During the concert, the group filmed a video for Mnet‘s channel M2, which is known for posting fun and quirky relay dances. Not only was it their first time trying a relay dance, but, unlike the other videos, BTOB sang their track “Only one for me” live!

As expected, the video started with the sweet vocals of Changsub, and it seemed like a normal performance.

That was until Peniel came out and shined with his underrated vocals. Peniel is usually in charge of rapping in the group, so it was nice to see him growing more confident in his vocal skills!

After hearing member Minhyuk showcase his well-known talent for rapping and vocals, BTOB surprised fans again. This time, they were treated to a rapping Eunkwang, which is not usually seen during their live performances!

Yet, even with all this talent, BTOB made sure to have some fun during the performance. Even when Changsub mixed up some of the words to the rap, or they were hyping each other up, it was full of fun!

Once again, BTOB proved why they have had such longevity and continue to be a strong presence in K-Pop! Fans took to the comments to praise the group for their versatility, and many hoped to see Peniel singing more in the future!

  • “4 Rappers and 4 Vocals = BTOB4U.”
  • “I know Peniel can sing very well in his own vocal range but hearing him sing high notes and a different style really amazes me all the time. He always hypes his brothers and takes pride in their vocals, but he himself is really good. Give yourself credits!!!”
  • “Funny as expected – My BTOB. But their vocal is not a joke.”

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