Red Velvet’s Joy’s and BTOB’s Sungjae’s Sweet Moments When They Were Married Will Always Be Special

These moments will live in our hearts forever!

BTOB‘s Sungjae and Red Velvet‘s Joy were once married, which a lot of fans know. Their chemistry remains unforgettable until today, and many have been fans of their marriage, and are highkey hoping it were real!

They’ve had multiple sweet moments together throughout the show that will never fail to make hearts flutter!

From cute surprises…

To proposing…

To finally becoming each other’s husband and wife!

There are a lot of many more sweet and heart fluttering moments that happened in between! Like that time when they did their skin care together when they slept over the grandma’s house!

And that time they went on a date in an arcade and showed the world that they are the most talented couple ever, and sang their hearts out at the mini karaoke booth!

Remember when Sungjae wanted Joy to remove her make-up so that he can see her bare face? Joy was hesitant at first, but Sungjae was honest, and made sure to tell his wife that she looked beautiful as always! How sweet of him!

It was also sweet of Sungjae to visit Red Velvet while practicing for their upcoming comeback and even brought them some snacks to give them strength!

Of course, this is a time that everyone surely remembered! Sungjae and Joy’s steamy couple photoshoot at the pool will always be a highlight during their time together.

Sungjae’s sweetness will just never end! He opened his heart out to Joy, and even made her laugh! Sungjae also sang his wife a lullaby, and they eventually fell asleep wrapped in each others arms.

Another highlight during their time as husband and wife was when they went to China for a trip and challenged to take on crossing the hanging bridge! Joy was scared for her life, and although Sungjae expresses his love for her by teasing her a lot, he also made sure to watch over her and make her feel more safe!

The Bbyu couple, a nickname they were given, whom many miss, has shown fans many unforgettable heart fluttering moments that will always be special in many hearts!