BTOB Sungjae Sends A Personal Message To His International Fans

BTOB‘s Sungjae‘s strong determination to communicate with International fans through social media is absolutely heart-warming.

BTOB’s Sungjae recently appeared on a live stream and warmed the hearts of fans from all around the world. During the stream, Sungjae made a very kind and touching effort to speak to English-speaking fans.

Sungjae spoke in English for a whole 1:21 seconds despite not being fluent in the language. Although he did struggle a bit, he continued to push through it without giving up or speaking Korean.

To end his message to melodies, Sungjae said, “You don’t forget BTOB, understand? BTOB’s always on your side. Always on your melody.” His love towards his international fans is truly unstoppable.

Check out the video taken from his live broadcast below: