BTOB’s Sungjae Wants An Instagram Live Wedding, But His Fans Definitely Don’t

Yeah, no. Not happening.

In a recent episode of All the Butlers, BTOB‘s Sungjae shared his dream wedding. When Sungjae discussed the details of his ideal ceremony, his fans got a good laugh at the idea – then completely shut it down.


After pointing out that getting married is not something in his near future, Sungjae playfully revealed the most interesting outlook on how he would like to tie the knot. He said, “I’d like to get married on Instagram. I want to live broadcast the whole thing!”


Rather than the traditional offline, wedding-hall type of a ceremony, Sungjae wanted to take the whole thing online so that he can share the special occasion with his fans.

I wouldn’t be able to invite all of my fans, so I thought I’d broadcast it. That way, everyone can be there. They wouldn’t even have to worry about the transportation or anything.

— Sungjae


Upon hearing Sungjae’s plan, fellow show host Lee Seung Gi also playfully commented that this “social media wedding” of Sungjae’s would be one of two things. Either it will become the new trend in the most hipster millennial weddings…


… or simply that of an unstoppable Instagram addict!


Sungjae’s fans were equally unbothered by the fact that he, of all people, would think of such a thing – and totally loved the extravagance behind it all, but hated the actual thought of it actually happening!


— Sungjae’s Fan


Looks like Sungjae’s fans will not be logging into see that IG wedding!

Source: THEQOO