BtoB’s hilarious incident on stage

One BtoB member encountered a hilarious mishap while appearing on a music show as the group performed, unaware of the situation.

Illhoon attempted to adjust his microphone stand’s height and ended up breaking off the top part. He internally panics as he tries to re-attach it himself but the choreography called for a rotation and he was forced to leave his disaster behind.

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Eunkwang noticed the incident and tried to keep calm. It appeared that he was fighting a losing battle, but he was able to pull it together in the end. He performed his part without any errors, finishing it with a high note.

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The incident was not ignored as Eunkwang instantly informed the other members as soon as the performance was over. Illhoon laughed at his misfortune as he showed the broken microphone piece to the group.

The recording of this scene can be found on Youtube.

Kudos to these two members for not letting this incident affect the performance!

Source: Instiz