BTOB Sungjae’s Introduction Abroad Is The Cutest Thing Ever, And ARMYs Approve

It’s so cute!

Every single ARMY knows that BTOB are friends with BTS. Fans love how close the two groups have become over the years and have a particular soft spot for the friendship between V and Sungjae.


How could you not when the story of how they met was incredibly unique!


Not to mention all the times they were seen hanging out together on music shows…


And when Sungjae helped V answer a tough question about what he was going to do when he came of age!


Sungjae has also shown his strong friendship with Jimin a number of times!


But perhaps one of the most heartwarming moments in Sungjae’s friendship with BTS was when he made his self-introduction abroad.


During shooting for Master in the House, Sungjae introduced himself to a crowd of people at Orange County School of the Arts in Los Angeles. While it started off as a pretty normal introduction…

“Hi everyone. My name is Sungjae. I’m a Korean K-Pop idol.”

— Sungjae


Things took a slightly unexpected turn when Sungjae suddenly asked the crowd if they knew BTS!

“You guys know BTS?”



Of course, the crowd did and gave a big cheer. And then the sweetest thing happened. Sungjae introduced himself as BTS’s friend!

“Yeah, I’m BTS’s friend.”



With a final thank you to the crowd, Sungjae was done and the crowd absolutely loved his message of friendship!


Sungjae didn’t need to mention BTS because everyone knew he was a member of BTOB, but the fact that he did warmed many hearts.


Their friendship together is just so cute!


Check out his friendly introduction below and fall in love all over again!