BTOB’s Yook Sungjae Is Absolutely Stunning In Latest Pictorial For Singles


BTOB‘s maknae Yook Sungjae was chosen as Singles Magazine cover model for January 2020, and he looks stunning.

Rocking cozy, oversized clothing, long term fans of BTOB are wondering when the idol suddenly grew up to the handsome man he is today. Many agree that he has matured wonderfully.

Now, the idol is active as an actor more than as an idol, and he spoke about how though he loves acting, he is still nervous about taking on new roles whenever he gets cast. Still, he mentions in his interview that music is a field he always wants to pursue.

He also mentioned in his interviews how he wants to act as a villain for his next role or to act in romance and melodramas. He always wants to try musicals. Many fans agree that since he’s had years of experience as an idol, a musical would probably suit Sungjae.

Fans are looking forward to more interviews and photos of the idol when the issue hits sales racks next month. Yook Sungjae is spotted wearing rather unorthodox clothing in the already released photos, proving his versatility. He can pull off both pants and dresses and still look flawless. Get you a man who can do both!

Source: Pann