BTS’s 8th Member? Why Actor Kim Seon Ho Is The Perfect Match

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When it comes to award shows, it is sometimes the perfect chance for netizens to see the worlds of K-Pop and K-Dramas collide. This was exactly what happened during the 2021 Fact Music Awards (TMAs)! In particular, it seems like there was one interaction that had fans very excited!

During the show, one group that unsurprisingly caught the attention of fans was BTS, who wowed with their performances, visuals, and charisma!

BTS members at TMAs | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

But there was someone else that caught the attention of fans during the award ceremony. After the success and popularity of the K-Drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, fans were excited to see that actor Kim Seon Ho was going to be one of the presenters — and he definitely delivered with his own visuals.

Kim Seon Ho | @salt_ent/ Instagram

If that wasn’t enough for netizens, they were treated to all eight men on the stage at one time! Kim Seon Ho was the presenter for the “Listener’s Choice” award, which BTS won, and fans got to see interactions between them.

| THE FACT/ YouTube
| @kdramafolder/ Twitter

As well as being blinded by eight amazing visuals, netizens couldn’t help but discuss the fact that Kim Seon Ho could easily be BTS’s 8th member. Many brought up a scene from the show Welcome to Waikiki 2 where his character explained that he was a musician who had worked with BTS!

I’m a singer, a musician. And a little while ago, even BTS called me to ask me to feature in one of their songs. I used to perform with those guys back in the old days.

— Kim Seon Ho

| JTBC/ YouTube

If that wasn’t enough proof, Kim Seon Ho has always showcased his inner ARMY. Back in December 2020, he was in a video unboxing Jimin‘s DICON photobook package. He definitely seemed like a true ARMY showcasing his love for the pictures, even adding that he would take inspiration from Jimin for future photoshoots!

| DICON/ YouTube 

All eight men are so handsome, so it was no surprise that fans couldn’t get enough of them on social media.

With many people discussing who BTS’s eighth member could be, it seems like Kim Seon Ho may be the perfect fit! And fans would definitely not mind seeing more interactions between them!

You can watch the whole clip below.