BTS’s 8th Member, Yeontan, Just Made His Solo Comeback

The furriest member of BTS recently took over Weverse.

BTS is officially coming back on February 21 with MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, but their 8th member, Yeontan, follows his own schedule!

Whenever V shares photos of his pretty pomeranian, they blow up, but that’s expected. After all, Yeontan is a celebrity in his own right!

Recently, a Weverse user posted this photo of their dog posing behind a wine glass. They asked Yeontan to do the same, and V happily played his role as photographer.

Say hello to “WineTan”!

His imaginary comeback album includes songs like “Make It White (Wine)”, “Dog In Glass”, “Wine O’Clock”, and “Dionysis (The Yeontan Remix)”.

V also shared this snap of Yeontan’s tiny face in his hands…

…and this photo of Yeontan snoozing on the couch. After so much posing for his people, this top model was “exhausted”!