Adam Levine Wanted To Know What Being In BTS Was Like So He Asked Charlie Puth

Some ARMY are convinced this is a hint for a “The Voice” appearance:

BTS are talented, successful, humble, sweet, and so much more which is why it’s no surprise that Maroon 5‘s Adam Levine wanted to know exactly what it would be like to be in the unstoppable group!


Charlie Puth recently decided to hold an Instagram livestream where he spent a lot of time interacting with fans. Of course, there was one person who immediately jumped out at everyone as he kept trying to get the singer’s attention.


It turns out Adam Levine, was watching Charlie’s livestream and he had some questions for him too! Asking him all sorts of random questions and leaving some fun comments too, there was one thing in particular that Adam wanted to know!


During one part of the broadcast, he decided it would be the perfect opportunity to know exactly what it would be like to be in BTS.


Charlie Puth and BTS go back a long way and in 2018 at the 2018 MGA (MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards), Charlie and Jungkook took the stage together to perform “We Don’t Talk Anymore”!


Fans are freaking out not only over the fact that Adam directly asked about BTS but also about what it could mean. Although it might simply be a question, some fans have a feeling that it could be a hint that BTS are going to be showing up on The Voice very soon!


And with other pieces of evidence like a meeting with John Legend and accounts of BTS in prerecording for the show, it might just be true!


Meanwhile, other fans are simply happy about the shoutout and hope someday they’ll be able to hear Adam Levine collaborate with BTS on a project.


With all the excitement surrounding the question, however, there’s one question that still needs to be answered. We’re all itching to know what Charlie’s answer to Adam’s question really is but it looks like that mystery will have to wait as he didn’t answer during the livestream.