Here’s What Happened To The Girls From BTS’s “American Hustle Life”

Old school ARMYs haven’t forgotten this beautiful trio.

Back in BTS‘s rookie days, ARMYs fell in love with three Los Angeles actresses who appeared in American Hustle Life. Years later, many fans are still curious about what happened to this trio after filming ended.


American Hustle Life was a 2014 reality show where BTS completed missions in Los Angeles while learning more about hip-hop. In Episode 5 and 6, VictoriaChristina, and Jewel made guest appearances as cast members in BTS’s “Boy in Luv” LA music video.


Fans may remember this adorable hug between Victoria and V


…and how V taught her to say, “Jimin is a fool” in Korean.


Five years later, Victoria is more gorgeous than ever! She is active on Twitter and Instagram… now a proud mother…


…and she’s winning the modeling game!


Like Victoria, Jewel and her bright personality have made it into some of ARMYs’ earliest BTS memories.


One particularly memorable moment happened when her playful kiss made Jungkook so embarrassed that he ran away while screeching like a dolphin!


After filming ended, Jewel continuing working as a model…


…a dancer, and a gymnastics coach.


She was in a relationship with actor Scott Eastwood


…and she shared many of her happy memories on Instagram.


Sadly, Jewel passed away in September 2014, following a tragic car accident. After her death, her father reportedly filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Honda, the airbag manufacturer and the rental company of the vehicle she was driving at the time of the accident. Victoria expressed her condolences on Twitter and wrote, “Glad I got to meet you that day”.


As for Christina, not much has surfaced about her since American Hustle Life ended, but fans still remember her moments with BTS, especially her on-screen flirtation with Jimin and RM.


To see more moments between BTS, Victoria, Jewel, and Christina, check out their “Boy in Luv” MV here.


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