BTS Answer On How Their Music Has Changed From 7 Years Ago

BTS have learned a lot throughout the 7 years together.

BTS has recently released their new album Map Of The Soul: 7 and is having massive success. BTS sat down with MTV Fresh Out for an interview and answered a couple of questions.

One of the questions wanted to know how BTS’ music style has changed from when they debuted 7 years ago. Since a lot of years have passed, BTS also have grown as artists over the last 7 years. That music trends change with time, so BTS also adjusted to try and follow these musical trends.


The main thing that has changed about BTS from 2013 is their growth as artists. That they have learned from their years of experience and their music is used to reflect how much they’ve learned.

BTS also shared other details about their music, such as the writing process of creating the member’s solo songs. The main way the members compose their songs is by gathering their emotions and trying to put those words into lyrics.

Watch the full interview below!