BTS Anti Forced By Police To Write Public Apology Letter

An anti fan was summoned for a police investigation, after they were caught of writing hateful and false posts about BTS.

With BTS’ fame rising world-wide, increasing attention also took a negative turn as BTS has been receiving a lot of hateful comments toward them.

BTS’s fans and Big Hit Entertainment worked together by gathering evidences to be submitted to the police.

One account on twitter just deals with receiving official evidence submissions from fans to be sent out for investigation.

This twitter account recently released a portion of an apology letter of the anti-fan who was ordered by the police to write one.

“… I have been writing a few posts in the past about BTS’ plagiarism and hateful comments. I am embarrassed to even write down what I have been posting. I regret my actions in the past and sincerely apologize.

I have been summoned by the police recently and have received an investigation. The police ordered me to write an apology letter, and which I did, I just felt the need to apologize on a personal level to BTS. But I was refused the contact information and even the company did not pick up.

I know that it is silly for me to say all these things now. But I really wanted to extend my apology to them some how. I have been searching for ways to find a contact…”

The anti-fan sincerely apologized for their hurtful actions and asked to be able to contact either BTS or the Big Hit Entertainment for a personal apology.