BTS’s Lightstick Has A New Name, And It’s So Funny We’re Crying 

It’s even better than the official name.

The name of BTS‘s lightstick, ARMY Bomb, is perfect for the “Bulletproof Boy Scouts,” but sometimes it’s a little problematic for fans.

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After all, you can’t say “bomb” in an airport or at a concert without expecting security to tackle you to the floor. In public spaces, the ARMY Bomb suddenly becomes the Lightstick That Must Not Be Named.

To avoid getting kicked out of venues and thrown off flights, ARMYs simply call the ARMY Bomb a “lightstick.”

Apparently, SoFi Stadium is following the fandom’s unofficial rule! While at BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert in L.A., a fan noticed a box of Version 3…“war balls.” 

As expected, fans are loving this inaccurate yet totally fitting name for the ARMY Bomb.

The best part? That’s not the ARMY Bomb’s only nickname. It has also been called “ARMY Ball!” (Close enough, right?)

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