ARMYs Discover Meaning Behind BTS’s Jungkook’s Flower Tattoo

He’s revealing them to us one by one!

Fans have already discussed the meaning behind Jungkook‘s crossword tattoo, and now they have theories to the meaning of another one of the BTS member’s recently revealed tattoos – the flower.

The new arm tattoo has only been caught in teasing glimpses until BTS released their “ON” music video, where the flower and letters alongside it were seen with more clarity. Of course, ARMYs were quick to put their detective skills to work and figure out why exactly the maknae would get such a tattoo design.

Fans believe that the flower is a tiger lily, which is thought to be a representation of his birthday, September 1, because that’s the birth month flower for September. Eagle-eyed ARMYs also think that the words underneath the flower are “Please love me”, another phrase associated with tiger lilies.

One last piece of evidence is that Jungkook appeared to have drawn a tiger lily on a mask displayed at BTS’s 24/7=Serendipity exhibition in 2019. Check out fans’ public Tweets about their theories below.

Whatever the true meaning is, fans’ theories seem to be pretty logical!  Jungkook is rumored to have up to 15 tattoos total, and it’s likely that ARMYs will slowly discover more as the maknae‘s career moves forward. Maybe some warm weather in the spring and summer will mean more exposed arms?