Clever ARMYs Came Up With A Genius Strategy To Boost “DNA” Views

It’s sneaky, but brilliant.

BTS fans have come up with a genius strategy to trick their own fandom into streaming BTS’s “DNA” MV.


Right now, thousands of ARMYs are virtually attending a mass streaming party in the hopes of helping “DNA” reach the 600 million view mark.


At the time this article was written, the music video had 587,310,418 views. That means, only 12,600,000+ views are needed to reach the record milestone of 600M!


12M views may sound daunting, but for ARMY it’s a walk in the park. With thousands, possibly, even millions, streaming the video nonstop, “DNA” is sure to reach that milestone sooner or later.


To speed up the process, fans have employed a new tactic that is as brilliant as it is sneaky. ARMYs are claiming that “DNA” has been blocked in several countries in order to troll panicked fans into clicking on the video.


Some have even created convincing false screencaps to stir up the excitement!


ARMYs are spread the “news” using the hashtag #WHEREISDNA…


…and it’s working!


If fandoms had their own award shows, the 2019 award for “Craftiest Fandom” would probably go to ARMY!


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