These BTS Army Edits of ‘Bad Decisions’ Are Hilarious

Chaotic BTS is life!

The anticipation for Benny Blanco‘s “Bad Decisions” featuring Snoop DogBTS‘s vocal line Jungkook, V, Jimin, and Jin has heightened to a fever pitch since Benny uploaded a teaser of the song through his TikTok account.

With the addictive beat, catchy melody, and crazy good vocals in that “Bad Decisions” snippet, ARMYs were inspired to put together the most creative and hilarious edits using the song snippet.

BTS are amazing dancers but watching them hamming it up dancing like dorks is a guilty pleasure. This edit using snippets from the “Fila x BTS Dynamite Collection MV” is so on point.

Jimin belting it out on karaoke? Check. Unbothered Suga remaining stoic while being thumped repeatedly on the head? Check. Chaotic Dancing? Check. Everything you never knew you needed in your life is on this edit.

This edit takes the cake. Using Run BTS and Bon Voyage clips of Jungkook’s blunders and, well…bad decisions, the edit takes on a hysterically funny quality. From triggering an alarm by exiting the wrong way in an IKEA store, or sipping coffee he didn’t like, to losing in a photo challenge because he spoke too soon, the selection of snippets in this edit is gold. ARMYs are so witty.

“Bad Decisions” will unveil on August 5 at 1:OOPM KST.