BTS ARMY Engagement On Twitter Blows All Other Fandoms Out The Water…By A Lot

They outperform everyone!

BTS has an amazing presence on social media. They were the most retweeted group in 2016 and 2017, got 300 million votes for the Billboard Music Awards, won the “Top Social Artist” award at the BMAs, have 13.7 million Twitter followers, 6 million Facebook fans, and 7.1 million YouTube subscribers. But they may have just outdone themselves!


Next Week Sound just introduced Weekly Performance updates showing data from 300,000 Twitter accounts. Their data shows a green curve representing the expected number of weekly mentions and two red lines that show where are artists are expected to fall. And BTS proved they are the kings of social media with 61 million Twitter mentions!

This blows any other group with a similarly sized following (12-14 million) out of the water. The next closest group only had 300,000 mentions, meaning BTS outperformed them by a factor of 200!


BTS isn’t the only group to have a major presence on Twitter. EXO joined Twitter in June 2017 and soon became the “Most Followed Celeb Group In 2017” with 1.65 million followers – now 2.68 million followers. They also claimed the title of the “Most Tweeted Song” with “Ko Ko Bop”.


WANNA ONE followed very close behind EXO in the “Most Followed Group That Joined In 2017.”


GOT7 proved their songs are worth listening to. In 2017, they claimed the third and eighth spot on the “Most Mentioned Songs” list with “You Are” and “Never Ever”.


While BTS may have claimed the top spot for “Most Buzzed About Celebrities Around The World In 2017,” SEVENTEEN took 2nd place and MONSTA X ranked in at number nine!


There is no denying that K-Pop is global!

Source: Next Big Sound and Billboard