This ARMY Found Out Her BTS Ticket Was Fake, Then This Happened

This fan learned that there’s still good in the world.

Every fan’s worst nightmare came true for one devastated B-ARMY at BTS‘s Speak Yourself in Sao Paulo concert.


Like thousands of other fans, Gaah (@_bigamesgo) had been looking forward to attending BTS’s show at Allianz Parque. After days of sleeplessness, due to anxiety, Gaah lined up early outside of the stadium and waited for hours in the cold.


While in line, she kept a lookout for any sign of BTS’s van, her excitement building more with each passing hour.


Six hours after she posted her previous tweet, Gaah’s hopes were dashed. At the entry gate, she was informed that her ticket was fake. Heartbroken, Gaah tweeted out at ARMY, saying “I don’t know what fun it is to spoil people’s dreams”.


Thousands of ARMYs retweeted her story in the hopes of getting her a ticket, and many left kind messages to comfort her.


Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. A couple who were waiting in line happened to see Gaah crying. They gave her a ticket, and Gaah was able to attend the concert after all. Gaah expressed her gratitude to the couple, saying, “There are still good people. They could only be ARMYs, right? I’ll be eternally grateful for that.”      


Once again, ARMYs have looked after their own and spread BTS’s message of loving others.