BTS Reveals What Their Fandom Name Could Have Been Instead Of ARMY

The members are glad that they went with ARMY!

It would be difficult to imagine BTS‘s fandom, ARMY, with a different name, but the members recently shared that it almost happened!

| @armybtsworld/Twitter

To celebrate their 2021 FESTA, BTS released an ARMY Corner Store video where they looked back on memories. One thing they talked about was the candidates for their fandom name. When asked what the candidates were, Jimin had a tough time remembering and thought that one of the final candidates was “Cherry.” RM then stepped in and shared that the final candidates were “ARMY” and “Bell.”


The members then began joking about how “awkward” it would have been if they ended up going with “Bell.”


Jin added that ARMY is perfect since it’s universal. Suga also added that “ami” means friend in French.


V is a big fan of the word “ARMY,” and when asked why, he said it’s because the middle letters are “RM.”


Here’s the full video below!


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