ARMY Have Hilarious Response To Grammy Awards Second Warning About Scalped Tickets

“I thought that I was in a time loop…”

Not only will BTS be attending the 61st Grammy Awards on February 10, but they will also be presenting for a currently undisclosed award. While fans are extremely happy about the news, they also know that they’ll only really get experience the historic moment on television as the awards show is by invitation only.


As a reminder to fans, the Grammys official Twitter account sent a message out on February 5 telling fans to beware of websites offering to sell tickets to the event. The first reminder was well-received by fans who thanked them for taking the time to post the information. A few days later, however, and the account once again tweeted the message out. Only this time they’ve been getting quite the response from fans.


Many ARMYs have been leaving hilarious posts about how they know these posts were specifically for the fandom and are wondering why they didn’t just come right out and tag them.


They’ve also been flooding the comments section with plenty of good memes!


Of course, many other fans have also given the account another big thank you for reposting the reminder once again!