Korean BTS ARMYs Succeed In Getting Jungkook’s Calvin Klein Ad Up In Korea

The ad is so big you can see it even from far away!

With the recent news of BTS’s Jungkook being announced as Calvin Klein’s newest global ambassador, news and media have gone wild with the released photos. With billboards and advertisements going up in cities worldwide, fans in Korea also wanted an advertisement.

| theqoo

Following the billboard for Jungkook in Houston and NewYork, they will run an outdoor advertisement for the Jungkook campaign in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, from April 1-14, thanks to the request of Korean fans!

| @Xanatomy2/Twitter

A global marketing officer at Calvin Klein revealed that they were excited to have Jungkook onboard as the new ambassador and that “as one of the world’s most popular artists, he has the rare ability to connect with fans around the world through his music and style.”

In regards to becoming the new ambassador, Jungkook also commented, “As a long-time Calvin Klein fan, I’m excited to be active as a global ambassador. The partnership will be an opportunity to connect with fans in a way.”

Fans were also happy to see a huge billboard go up in Seoul for him!

| theqoo
  • “Capitalism at its best..please continue the good work Calvin Klein.”
  • “That photo came out really well..hip-hop rock star vibes.”
  • “The Korean officials know what’s up!”
  • “I need to go to Seoul to see this.”
Source: theqoo and sports khan