Fact Check: Did BTS ARMYs Light Up TWICE’s Black Ocean?

ARMY and ONCE unite!

Lightsticks are a big factor in K-Pop culture.

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Each group has a lightstick unique to their concept, and their concerts are known to be colorful oceans made up of these lightsticks. For example, BTS are known for their purple ocean, BLACKPINK for their pink, and GOT7 and NCT for their green.

But if a K-Pop fan attends a music show, award show, or festival rather than their artist’s concert, they usually keep their lightstick up during another artist’s performance to encourage the performers.

Likewise, the dreaded “black ocean” is created if lightsticks are not on. “Black Ocean” is an organized protest of an artist during their performance.

While TWICE is one of the most popular K-Pop girl groups today, even they were not free from the “black ocean.”


A little over a year after TWICE made their debut, they attended The 2016 Melon Music Awards (also known as MMA). They performed their hit songs “Cheer Up” and “TT.” “Cheer Up” was not only nominated for Song of the Year but won.

Despite this being an event filled with great achievement for the girl group, they experienced a “black ocean” during the performance and also while winning the award.

Yet, eagle-eyed netizens noticed something. While everyone else had turned off their lightsticks, members of the BTS ARMY still raised their lightsticks, the ARMY BOMB, during both TWICE’s performance and their win. So, their ocean was not completely black; ARMYs’ lights illuminated it.


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Twice had a Black Ocean…….but Armys tried to help us
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Thanks to ARMYs, TWICE did not have to experience a truly black ocean even if many attendees had turned off their lightsticks.

BTS has also endured two different “black oceans,” one being at the same 2016 Melon Music Awards.

So, ARMYs would not want other artists to experience such a thing. Also, both groups, TWICE and BTS, won their first daesangs at the award show.

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