ARMYs Believe That This Might Be The Most Powerful Duo In BTS Right Now

They have the cutest relationship!

Every single member of BTS is powerful in their own right and together their even stronger. Their friendships are all incredibly strong and it’s hard to pick out one particular duo that embodies all the passion and power we see from the group.


Which is why it might be hard to believe that ARMYs think they’ve found the most powerful duo in the group, but they have! Lately, no one can get enough of the iconic of Jin and his BT21 character RJ!


Since BT21 is as much a part of BTS as the members themselves, fans have declared that Jin and RJ are the most iconic pairing in the group and have fallen completely for the two of them together.


ARMYs have especially been noticing just how much bonding the two have been doing lately! Like the time fans saw Jin carrying RJ like his own child…


To their playdates during concerts!


In fact, RJ has made an appearance at a few different concerts to help give some loving support to Jin!


Their father son bond has been catching the eyes of fans because it’s just so darn cute! The fact that RJ was even spotted hanging out with Jin when BTS spoke at the United Nations General Assembly, has made ARMYs hearts melt.


And when BTS posted a video celebrating Jimin‘s birthday, some fans couldn’t help but talk about the adorable companion spotted with Jin!

After wishing Jimin a happy birthday of course!


But the moment that has made ARMYs even more sure that this duo is the most powerful and iconic of them all was when Suga dressed up as RJ and Jin just couldn’t stop showing some major love to the costumed Suga.


With all these sweet interactions, fans have decided that this might be their favorite pairing in BTS and can’t wait to see more interactions between Jin and RJ in the future!