BTS ARMYs Upset “FAKE LOVE” Was Censored, American DJ Responds

Even the group’s BBMAs performance was censored.

After BTS‘s stunning performance at the Billboard Music Awards and winning the Top Social Artist award for the second year in a row, A.R.M.Ys are soaring on cloud nine! However, fans have expressed their frustration when a censored version of “FAKE LOVE” aired on American radio.


The problem occurred when some fans noticed that the group’s latest hit was missing the word “naega” (which means “I” in Korean).

They observed the difference in the song even before the group performed at the BBMAs which left many fans wondering if it was going to be censored on the show too.


BTS fans worry about why it’s being screened and how people who don’t understand the difference in language will react to it.

They are worried that other people will assume that BTS are trying to imitate the N word and are racist.


On top of that worry they are also concerned that people won’t be willing to look up the lyrics, causing all sorts of misunderstandings.


A.R.M.Ys believe if the word keeps being censored out of the song on American radio then it could be a huge blow to BTS’s U.S career.


The situation had become such an issue that fans gathered on Twitter to express their displeasure, hoping that they would be able to change the situation.


After A.R.M.Ys vented their frustrations on Twitter they began contacting different radio stations to voice their complaints. This in turn prompted a response from one DJ who explained the whole situation.


After reading his response, fans decided that it was a smart decision to censor the song.


Regardless of whether the censorship was a good idea or not, it appears the censored version is here to stay. Have a listen to their BBMA performance and note Suga‘s rap.

Fans have been saying that it gives a disjointed feeling to the song.


The difference is, however, especially noticeable when you listen to the original.


No matter the outcome, it is an amazing achievement for BTS to have their songs aired all throughout American radio stations!