BTS Asked TXT About Their First Time In The US, And Their Response Was Adorable

TXT were just bubbling with energy.

BTS had a chance to speak with their hoobaes and asked them a question before their showcase tour STAR in US.


Suga asked TXT how they felt about their first time in the United States, and RM translated the question into English.

Taehyun cutely responded with, “Hello BTS,” and respectfully thanked them for the question.

Then, Yeonjun answered that TXT has been having fun and enjoying their time. They’re young, so a new environment is always a new adventure.

Leader Soobin declared it was a dream, that he couldn’t believe it was truly happening. He seemed so thankful for the opportunity.

TXT’s responses to BTS showed just how excited they were for everything that was happening to them. Watch the cute interaction between the Big Hit Entertainment groups here.