BTS’s “King Of Comedy” Jin Once Sent B1A4’s Sandeul A Message, Here’s How He Reacted

Sandeul also shared what Jin likes to do whenever he comes back from overseas.

BTS‘s Jin is known for his funny personality, and he once sent a hilarious message to his good friend, B1A4‘s Sandeul.

B1A4’s Sandeul (Left) & BTS’s Jin (Right) | @SANDEUL920320/Twitter

When Sandeul’s radio show Sandeul’s Starry Night reached its 100th episode, he received a message from Jin.

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BTS’s song “Best Of Me” started playing, and Sandeul jokingly asked if this was “necessary.”

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Jin’s message then played, and he congratulated Sandeul. Sandeul and VIXX‘s Ken, who is also close to Jin, teased Jin for talking with a soothing voice.

Hello, this is BTS’s Jin. My friend Sandeul’s radio show Starry Night has reached its 100th night already. I congratulate you sincerely. Starry Night, as it shines of its history and tradition, there is DJ Sandeul who shares good songs and warm stories. Really amazing. I wish you guys to be with the listeners for a long time. This was BTS’s Jin. Thank you.

— Jin

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Jin’s humorful but heartwarming message caused laughter, and Sandeul then spoke about how Jin always wants to play games when he comes back from overseas.

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Sandeul then jokingly said that this was all Ken’s fault and said that his friends could be quite “exhausting.”

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Here’s the full video below!