The Music Video Of BTS’s “Bad Decisions” Is So Similar To Another Song Of Theirs, It Could Be Its Prequel

Can you guess which song it is?

BTS, Snoop Dogg, and producer Benny Blanco released their highly anticipated collaboration, “Bad Decisions,” on August 5.

The song itself was a romantic confession, with Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, and V crooning over a nameless person’s beauty and singing about wanting their love.

Let’s make some bad decisions
I want you, oh! Baby, all of the time
So give me all your kisses
I want you Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Baby, every night

— “Bad Decisions” by BTS, Snoop Dogg, and Benny Blanco

The music video, however, played out in a slightly different route than expected. Rather than a romantic plotline, it followed Benny acting as a hardcore ARMY whose room was filled with BTS merch.

He also went through numerous mishaps to attend the group’s concert.

In reality, however, he was 28 hours early, exemplifying just how big of an ARMY he was.

This storyline reminded viewers of another song of BTS’s: “Pied Piper.” Track 5 on the Love Yourself: Her album was inspired by the legend of the same name. Just like the man who led the town’s children away with his flute to never be seen again, BTS acknowledged that they reel in fans with their music as well.

Follow the sound of the pipe, follow this song
It’s a bit dangerous but I’m so sweet
I’m here to save you, I’m here to ruin you
You called me, see? I’m so sweet

— “Pied Piper” by BTS

In fact, they asked ARMYs to recognize the downsides of stanning them. Their “video clips, pictures, tweets” and more often distract them from their real life priorities. Though they “can’t help” liking BTS, the members want them to have limits for their own sake.

It’s dangerous so it’s better
You know deep inside
You can’t stop it now (You can’t stop)
So be honest with me now
Stop, now stop watching and study for your test
Your parents and boss hate me
Video clips, pictures, tweets
V app, Bon Voyage
I know, you can’t help what you like
But stop, interpret the music video later
You have so many pictures of me in your room anyway
It’s not just one hour, it’s a whole year that’ll disappear
So this song is a reward I’m giving to you

— “Pied Piper” by BTS

Similarly, the music video of “Bad Decisions” was also about a highly dedicated superfan. RM‘s rap part about a fan watching videos of them fit perfectly with the scene of Benny dancing to “DYNAMITE.”

Video clips, pictures, tweets
V app, Bon Voyage
I know, you can’t help what you like

— “Pied Piper” by BTS

Benny further demonstrated the line “You have so many pictures of me in your room anyway” to a T. The room in the music video was filled from top to bottom with selfies, photoshoots, music video teasers, and more of the members.

As such, “Bad Decisions” could almost be the prequel of “Pied Piper” in the way that it illustrates a fan’s deep love for BTS.

Check out the full music video below if you haven’t seen it yet.

Source: YouTube