BTS’s Own Band, Ghost, Performed With Them On Saturday Night Live (SNL)

BTS’s SNL performance was a dream come true for BTS’s talented band, Ghost.

BTS‘s Saturday Night Live (SNL) performance was a dream come true, and not just for BTS. It was also a defining moment for Ghost.


The BTS band Ghost has more or less lived up to their name because they’re still a mystery, even to ARMYs. Ghost is made of Khan Sikyoon (drummer), Kim Kiwook (bassist), docskim (keyboard), and Blackswan (guitar). This group of talented musicians performs BTS’s rock remixes live at concerts.


Many SNL musical guests perform with SNL‘s house band, The Saturday Night Live Band. Instead, BTS performed their first-ever live stage of “Boy With Luv” with Ghost and Melanie Fontana, who sang Halsey‘s backup vocals. This allowed Ghost’s members to share this historic moment.


docskim, who is also one of BTS’s main producers, posted about his experience on Instagram. He talked about how the bands on SNL influenced him as a musician, and how being part of the SNL stage connected his Korean and American roots in a meaningful way.



Producer pdogg also posted about Ghost’s SNL stage on Instagram and shared a rare behind the scenes video of Ghost rehearsing with Melanie Fontana.


Many fans are congratulating Ghost on their achievements and thanking them for giving ARMYs so many unforgettable live shows with BTS. They’re also hoping to learn more about Ghost in the future!