Actresses Were Allegedly Hired To Play BTS Fans At The BBMAs

These “fans” at the BBMAs were actually actors.

BTS fans have made an unpleasant discovery that is making many feel “disrespected”; actresses were allegedly hired to act as ARMYs at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.


During BTS’s award wins and “Boy With Luv” stage at the BBMAs, the camera cut to the audience to show how fans were reacting. It turns out, however, that not all these reactions may have been genuine.


Several times, the camera cut to a particular group of female ARMYs to capture their sheer excitement.


Some fans became suspicious of the amount of screen time the woman in the sparkling blue dress was receiving.


On May 2, radio station 92 PRO-FM tweeted out this behind the scenes clip of the same fan with the caption: “tfw when you get to be part of the #BTS performance”.


The clip has received backlash from ARMYs, who are expressing their outrage on behalf of their fandom. Many feel that this “fake” reaction cheapened the performance and that the focus should have been on fans’ genuine reactions to BTS.


Although hiring reaction actors is standard procedure for many shows, BTS fans are hoping that actors/actresses will no longer be used to portray them.